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i-Watch digital video recording equipment is setting new standards in the Australian Security Industry. i-Watch DVR's feature the worlds best video compression technology providing longer recording and lower usage of network bandwidth. i-Watch cameras feature Sony chipsets and outstanding low light capabilities.

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The i-Watch Networkable DVR is a true client server DVR system that leads the market. Full of features and high on performance the i-Watch constantly outperforms other DVR’s but still offers intuitive userfriendly features and great value for money. Assembled in our Sydney factory, all i-Watch DVR's are fully soak tested prior to shipment to our dealer network, resulting in trouble free high quality installations. Each i- Watch DVR is preloaded with Windows compatible Chateau DVR control software allowing simple live viewing of all cameras and playback of pre recorded camera images. A server-to-server facility even allows live video streaming to a remote i-Watch DVR or software upon alarm activation.

SUPER COMPRESSION - Each i-Watch DVR uses the proprietary SMICT video compression technology to compress and encrypt live video data even before it hits the hard disk drive. SMICT's super performance surpasses the lesser technology used on other DVR's such as AVI, JPEG, MJPEG, MPEG I, H.261, H.263, or Wavelet, offering more storage capacity and low network bandwidth usage. On other systems you would never think of using a 40GB hard drive, with the i-Watch DVR it is an excellent starting point and more than enough for basic video storage. The result is the industries best performing storage characteristics.

CONNECTIVITY - Super compression means that you don’t have to send massive image files to other i-Watch workstations over your clients WAN/LAN or the Internet. Network bandwidth is not compromised with the i-Watch DVR! Super compression also means that you can dial via the PSTN into an i-Watch DVR with a dial up modem and view live and pre recorded images faster. Or you can use the Internet to connect a network of sites each with an i-Watch DVR installed and view live and pre recorded video from anywhere in the world!

SCALABLE - why pay for an 8 camera DVR when you only need capacity for 4 cameras! i-Watch DVR's are fully scalable and available in 4, 8, 12 or 16 camera versions, so they can grow when your system needs to without redundancy. Up to 99 i-Watch DVR’s can be connected together on one single network!

What Makes an i-Watch DVR Special?

Want a DVR that provides usable images over a standard phone line? Want a product that does not drive your IT Manager crazy over lost bandwidth of your LAN or WAN or Intranet? Want to record 8 cameras for a over a month on just 40Gb without smoke and mirrors? You've got it with I-Watch!!
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