Senturian Neurolytics – Security Powered By Artificial Intelligence

An overview of Senturian's capabilities.


As Artificial Intelligence (AI) merges with the latest technologies, its presence is becoming more and more common in everyday life. For example, assistance services such as Siri or information matching and curation algorithms (which are used by social media services) are all AI technology. Now, developments in AI “deep learning” see its presence grow in the field of analytics. Senturian Neurolytics takes advantage of these latest technological developments, enabling it to “understand” events as they unfold.

Senturian Neurolytics is a video analysis tool that will integrate and embed with your NX Witness setup. The complex modelling algorithms used by Senturian can analyse the behaviour of both people and objects through the eyes of your cameras. Its pattern recognition capabilities through deep learning can pinpoint aggressive or threatening behaviour such as violence, pushing, loitering and falling. Hazardous conditions such as fire and smoke can also be detected. The system will also extract useful data such as speed, size, shape and colour, allowing it to classify and isolate objects of interest (e.g. faces and licence plates). Furthermore, Senturian can analyse sounds. Loud noises such as honking and screaming can be identified by Senturian’s recognition technology.

Core Features:

  • Intrusion Detection – get notified if someone enters or leaves a specific area.
  • Virtual Line – track people as they cross virtual lines.
  • Loitering – by setting a specified time, Senturian will recognise groups or individuals who loiter for too long.
  • Appear & Disappear – an alarm will ring if an item appears or disappears.
  • Count – keep count of people as they pass or enter/leave specific areas.

With each NX camera licence you purchase, these core functions and any other functions you wish to add, such as fire and smoke detection, are available. Sound analytics is available per device.

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See what Senturian Neurolytics is capable of.
See how accurately the system can distinguish between normal and abnormal movements.

Visit the Senturian Solutions video archive for more demonstrations.

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