ACT365 – Complete Security, Anytime, Anywhere


Key benefits of ACT365

  • Installer portal and app enable remote management of multiple customers and sites from a single interface
  • Remote diagnostics and servicing on voltage, mains, PSU, etc.
  • No software to install
  • API for simple integrations with third party software
  • Recurring revenue opportunities through managed access control services

Typical Applications for ACT365

Multiple Sites – ie. Retail, Satellite Offices

  • No servers or PCs at each site
  • No network between each site
  • Ability to manage all sites from one interface
  • Report centrally, manage remotely

Small to Medium Sized Businesses

  • No IT Department / limited IT resources
  • No Management of back-ups or servers needed
  • Fire Muster Reporting on mobile devices

Gyms and Sports Clubs

  • No PC/Servers at each gym/club
  • Easy access management for paying members
  • Reduce fraudulent claims by members or staff
  • Easy integration with back-end systems to streamline sign up and booking process

Remote Sites & Construction Sites (i.e. Telecoms Towers, Water Towers or Electrical Substations)

  • No IT infrastructure
  • Need to restrict access & view video
  • Need time and attendance report
  • GSM Module to communicate to ACT365
  • Report centrally, manage remotely

Property Management Companies

  • Restrict access when tenant doesn’t pay
  • Easy fob enrollment
  • Manage all properties centrally
  • Verify access events using video evidence



Why cloud based security is secure…

Cloud-based is a term that refers to applications, services or resources made available to users on demand via the Internet from a cloud computing provider’s servers. ACT365 is a cloud based access and integrated video management solution. The security of ACT365 data is of the utmost importance to Vanderbilt and our customers and so ACT365 is hosted in the Microsoft Azure data center in Ireland at the same levels of protection used in the banking sector.

Read more on why you can trust ACT365 here!

ACT365 Installer Flyer

ACT365 End User Flyer


ACT365 products



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ACT365-ACU Door Controller

ACT365-ACU Door Controller

ACT365 ACU is a single door IP Controller for use with ACT365 Cloud service and includes a dual-port Ethernet switch. The controller includes a rich set of advanced access control […]
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ACT365-VCU Video Controller

ACT365-VCU Video Controller

ACT365 VCU is a 4 camera IP controller and includes a 1TB hard disk for CCTV storage. The controller includes a rich set of IP video features including automatic camera […]
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