Bluvision – Scalable IoT solutions for global businesses

Real-Time Location tracking for assets & employees with great accuracy

Why Bluvision?

End-to-end platform
We are a complete IoT solutions provider. Our platform spans from sensor beacons to connectivity gateways to SaaS infrastructure that enable remote fleet, workflow and event management
Our end-to-end solution was designed from the outset to handle problems on a global scale. Our solutions can handle millions of events across millions of devices on a daily basis
Simplicity of architecture
We are a low cost, hardware agnostic solution that is fast and easy to implement. Further, the same infrastructure allows for asset tracking, indoor location, proximity marketing and analytics
Visibility to actionable data
We provide data visibility for millions of events and allow for the remote management of this data. You are also able to act on the available information in real-time through user-defined policies


Real-Time Locating System [RTLS]
Provides organizations with visibility into the precise, real-time location of an asset (personnel or equipment), thereby increasing operational efficiency and optimizing workforce.
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Workplace Optimization
Making the workspace, work for you!
The need to understand how space is being utilized and occupied become imperative as companies strive to create the best work environment for their employees while also maximizing efficiency.
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Proximity Location System [Zone-Based RTLS]
Sometimes it isn’t necessary to track an asset at all times but to understand whether an asset is in a specific location or not. In such a case, instead of using RTLS which tracks assets in real-time throughout a facility, Bluvision recommends Proximity Location System [PLS] or Zone-Based RTLS solution.
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Condition Monitoring of Everything
Many manufacturing, warehouse and distribution facilities focus on condition monitoring or predictive maintenance solutions for the larger motors, drives and gear boxes but fail to take into consideration mission-critical equipment like smaller motors, bearings, rollers, conveyors, water pumps, etc.
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Bluzone SaaS Capabilities
noc-screensWhile everyone talks about their “Cloud Architecture”, the reality is that most cloud solutions act as nothing more than a data repository. The Bluzone Cloud is the only SaaS infrastructure to bring together beacon fleet management with a robust workflow/event management engine, smart algorithms to turn raw data into actionable insights, custom policies and ease of integration
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BluFi Gateways
BluFi GatewayWe have pioneered Bluetooth to Wi-fi connectivity without the use of smartphones or apps with our BLE to WiFi Gateways – BluFis.
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BeaconsAs the market leaders in BLE beacons shipped, we have distinct advantages over our competition – collaborative relationships with our IC providers; we write and optimize our own firmware, and we design and manufacture our hardware.
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