Lane Cove Council

December 12, 2017




Remote access for room hire via an online booking system and ISCS’ ProtegeGX has simplified life at Lane Cove Council.

Manager facilities Alex Cuthbertson said the installation of ISCS’ ProtegeGX had enabled a system whereby the public could book a room for hire online, and use a pin number to access that room at the allotted time and day.

“Eventually the whole idea is that they will be sent a link via the online booking system, which will then send an email with the pin code to get into the building. It will log into the security system and set up the time and date. It will all be automated. It’s still in the testing stage, but once it’s up and going it will be brilliant,” Mr Cuthbertson said.

The council has been running ISCS’ ProtegeGX since 2015, starting with the main civic centre as the “guinea pig”.

The ISCS’ system has proved so successful they have expanded to include three community centres, a multi-level carpark with another community centre and a depot.

Plans are under way to progress it to a second multi-level carpark and the common areas of a shopping centre which includes Aldi, Coles, plus a park level with stage and a green room.

“We use ISCS’ ProtegeGX for access control to the main buildings of the civic centre and the alarm system,” Mr Cuthbertson said.

“We also have it controlling the airconditioning so if we have a council meeting in our chambers and no one has programmed the airconditioning, one of the executives can use their access control card to swipe a keypad and it will turn on for two hours.”

Staff use card access for the main building and room hirers are provided with a pin code which can be deleted and reissued with no need for a deposit or bond.

Remote access to public toilets is also being set up to enable them to be unlocked and locked at certain times, removing the reliance on rangers or security staff to do so.

“That’s the beauty of this ISCS’ system. We can remote access to it from basically anywhere,” he said.

“We also use it to allow access for tradies at remote sites. They simply ring us when they arrive and we can unlock the door remotely.”

Mr Cuthbertson said the council chose ISCS’ ProtegeGX system because it could be integrated with its online booking system. Tests are under way and it is expected to be up and running by March.

“As it stands, it’s saving us a lot of time and now the system is in place it’s quite easy to get going.

It’s brilliant and we are looking to push it to new levels like controlling lighting,” he said.

“This ISCS’ system just works really well. It’s so flexible and I can do a lot of things quite easily with it.”

ISCS is the exclusive Australian distributor of ProtegeGX