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AC2000 - Go beyond access control

Powerful, fully integrated security management system.

AC2000 is an enterprise access control and integrated security management system that goes beyond access control and has been successfully installed at some of the largest facilities around the world where security is paramount.

AC2000 is highly flexible to meet unique project needs for integration. Acting as the Security Management System (SMS), AC2000 provides one powerful command and control front-end for alarm management of multiple systems including access control, video, intrusion, fire and perimeter detection.

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Let us show you CEM Systems AC2000

Offering a powerful suite of client and web-based applications, AC2000 forms the centre of all your security and operational needs; with applications including central alarm and event management, integrated command & control, sophisticated ID badging, visitor management, database partitioning, standard system link, web reports and much more.

Built with the flexibility to grow as user requirements change, AC2000 software licensing and CEM readers/controllers can be easily expanded to support an unlimited number of doors.

Used in conjunction with CEM’s industry-leading and highly resilient hardware products, AC2000 provides an innovative access control solution that reflects the latest in security technology.


  • Highly stable Linux operating system.
  • Windows® based operator workstations.
  • Hot standby/redundant server.
  • Seamless integration with external systems; CCTV, Intrusion, Perimeter.
  • Detection, Fire and more.
  • Intelligent CEM card readers and two-door controllers.
  • Supports third-party read heads and multiple card technologies.
  • Supports wireless locks.
  • Virtually unrestricted system expansion.
  • Sophisticated AC2000 software modules suite.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Extensive web-based AC2000 applications; AC2000 WEB.
  • Highly customisable.

Other AC2000 Products

AC2000 Lite

Integrated security management system – supports up to 128 doors.

AC2000 Lite software incorporates a comprehensive suite of client based applications as well as many powerful web based applications. From a single operator workstation users can seamlessly perform all system tasks including central alarm monitoring, sophisticated ID badging, visitor management and much more.


  • Supports up to 128 doors
  • Support for up to 10,000 cardholders
  • Support for up to 5 Windows® based operator workstations
  • AC2000 Lite Software Only Virtual Kit option
  • Supports third party read heads and multiple card technologies
  • Supports wireless locks
  • Intelligent CEM card readers & two-door controllers
  • Microsoft Active Directory support
  • Seamless integration with selected video & intruder systems
  • All inclusive range of AC2000 software modules on one CD
  • Extensive web-based AC2000 applications; AC2000 WEB
  • Seamless upgrade path to core AC2000 system

AC2000 Airport

Industry-leading aviation-specific access control solution.

AC2000 Airport encompasses all the core software features of the powerful AC2000 security management system but with a host of additional functions that have been designed specifically for airports to run more effectively. For example check-in desk enabling, passenger segregation, air-bridge monitoring, temporary cardholder management and card charging, are all features of AC2000 Airport that help airports improve efficiencies and business operations in addition to the high levels of security provided.


  • Highly stable Linux operating system
  • Hot standby/ redundant server
  • Windows® based operator workstations
  • Virtually unlimited system expansion
  • Intelligent, multi technology CEM card readers with on-board database
  • Supports CEM portable hand-held readers
  • Supports wireless locks
  • Seamless integration with External Systems e.g. CCTV, Intrusion, Fire, Perimeter Detection
  • Multi-language support
  • Extensive web-based AC2000 applications; AC2000 WEB
  • Airport specific access control and security features
  • Designed by airports for airports
  • Highly customisable

AC2000 Enterprise

The connected way to manage multiple sites anywhere in the world.

Designed around a single AC2000 Enterprise server centrally connected to an unrestricted number of AC2000 Local Enterprise servers, the enhanced enterprise system provides centralised access control and monitoring capability where wide geographical distribution occurs, or where departmental or business unit separation is necessary. The enterprise system architecture improves reporting, alarm processing and personnel management across multiple site locations.


  • Centralised Personnel and Card Management
  • Independent alarm management at regional AC2000 Local Enterprise servers
  • Multi-version support for ease of upgrading
  • Global Security Hub – Centralised Alarm and Event Management 
  • Global time zone support
  • Global Reporting – Report on all activities (e.g. card swipes) of a company or card holder across all sites
  • Personnel/Card records can be exported from each local site to some or all of the connected enterprise sites
  • Up to 1,000 enterprise access levels can be created and assigned to any card holder

Other CEM System Products

Intelligent Card Readers

CEM consistently leads the industry in the development of its Intelligent IP card readers: Industry firsts include Portable hand-held card readers, Ethernet based IP card readers, Fully integrated biometric readers and Intelligent card readers with internal database.

Portable Card Readers

CEM was the first in the industry to develop a portable access control reader. The S3050 is a lightweight hand-held portable card reader that can be used for ID card validation at temporary entrances or remote sites which have no power. It can also be used as a mobile device for random checks within pre-defined zones.


CEM Systems intelligent IP and Serial door controllers offer a high level of system resilience and intelligence for use with the AC2000 access control system.

Did you know that CEM was first to market with its Power over Ethernet plus (PoE+) door control!

Input/Output Modules

CEM Input / Output Modules provide a flexible means to monitor and control a range of external equipment used in conjunction with the AC2000 access control system. For example to control PIR detectors, heating or lighting.

Lift Control

CEM lift control solutions offer seamless control and monitoring of access between elevator floors. Depending on how many floors need controlled, each lift must have a Lift Control Interface (LCI) unit, which is used in conjunction with the main CEM S9032 lift controller.

Door Interface Units

The CEM range of Door Interface Units (DIU’s) provides power to a door lock and local power to a CEM reader, when a high level of access control security is required.