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Today, IP-based building access has IT and Security working together. The benefits of EDGE™ are easy for both to see. Take a look at these true benefits to making an EDGE IP Access Solution the answer at the door – and on the network.

An EDGE IP Access Solution is a Flexible Solution

EDGE IP Access Solutions provide a comprehensive line of reader/controller configurations that can be tailored to the requirements of any enterprise.

Every EDGE IP Access Solution has Scalability Built In

You can use an EDGE IP Access Solution to plan for virtually any future card/reader changes, too. Or facility expansion. Select from the many choices of host software on the expansive OPIN™ platform.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

EDGE IP Access Solutions have the lowest per door cost for an IP-based access control deployment. Simplified installation, standard wiring, and the ability to leverage the existing network, virtually guarantees an investment in EDGE is money well spent.

Fly Solo. Or go with the Host

EDGE IP Access Solutions accommodate any size or complexity of enterprise. Choose EDGE Solo if your business has a few doors and a few hundred employees. Then manage your access over a standard web browser. The bigger, more complex enterprise? Our worldwide alliance of development partners will put you into a host solution built on our established OPIN API. In transition? You can start with EDGE Solo and remotely reconfigure it to EDGE Host, without going out to the door. And both EDGE Solo and EDGE Host allow for migration to a different host environment or reader configurations as your access demands evolve.

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ExacqVision Edge Server License

ExacqVision Edge Server License

ExacqVision Edge Server License
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