Imagus – Advanced Biometric Face Recognition Technology

Innovative biometric facial recognition technology

Discover Imagus – leaders in the biometric security industry with advanced technology able to detect and identify individuals in real time, under a range of challenging conditions, including poor lighting and poor quality vision.

Facial Detection

Facial Detection

Accurate and efficient face detection with real-time technology that will distinguish a face in a crowd. Automatically differentiates faces from other objects in the frame and captures optimal quality face for recording, matching and recognising.

Facial Matching

Facial Matching

Using records within a pre-existing database, a face detected can then be scanned to find likely matches. The system will generate a shortlist and then, manual and visual matching can be performed.

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

Be confident in perfect facial matches and recognition through automatic processing. Despite using uncontrolled, low-quality galleries obtained from non-cooperative, low resolution and low-cost hardware such as CCTV cameras, webcams and phones, Imagus delivers real-time, accurate facial recognition with minimal effort.

Facial Recording

Facial Recording

Take detected faces and automatically record and enroll them with date and time stamps. Imagus provides a capacity to use video or still image recordings of numerous faces for security, personnel management, research and customer service purposes.

How it works

Imagus delivers pinpoint accuracy in facial detection, recording, matching and recognition thanks to advanced algorithms, using poorly lit, poor quality, angled or obstructed samples.

Discover Imagus – pioneering technology that provides advanced real-time systems able to reliably detect and identify individuals using video and images from CCTV cameras, webcams and phones.

Samples can be captured unobtrusively from a distance and/or in motion, while the technology is simultaneously insensitive to pose, illumination, expression, focus, motion blur and misalignment.

Discover flexibility – choose to implement Imagus Facial Recognition Technology as an independent application, or integrate this system seamlessly into new or current biometric solutions. Imagus Facial Recognition Technology offers a real-time solution, with the option of operating from mobile smart-phone platforms, with servers and on desktop computer platforms.


Imagus technology offers diversity in application thanks to its unique unobtrusive image acquisition, allowing the technology to be used across many new user-friendly, low-cost biometric solutions.

Originally developed for counter-terrorism, intelligence and policing applications, Imagus has significantly broadened its horizons and following collaboration with a range of industries now offers opportunities for a range of businesses outside of the original group to assist in the optimal business operation, monitoring, service and planning.

Applications for this technology may include:

  • Security/safety
  • Law enforcement/defence
  • Border control
  • Access control for sensitive areas i.e. secure buildings, rooms etc
  • Hospitality customer service – recognise your top customers or repeat offenders
  • Logistics/flow of people/passenger tracking
  • Marketing/research
  • Retail upselling and loyalty programs
  • Personnel management
  • Safe-cities
  • Forensic analysis

In addition to the facial recognition applications, the Imagus technology is also suitable for other biometric digital pattern matching.

Why use Imagus?


The Imagus Face Recognition matching algorithm provides leading industry accuracy and selectivity regardless of the database size and low image quality. Field testing of small-scale one-to-one verification through to large-scale, high-volume identification matching has proven extremely successful.

Partnering with Imagus provides access to extensive global biometrics expertise and leading biometrics technologies, resulting in the most accurate matching under the most difficult capture conditions.


  • Recognise faces in video from CCTV or smartphones
  • Insensitive to pose, illumination and expression
  • Insensitive to glasses, facial hair, headgear
  • Insensitive to video formats
  • Non-reliance on high-resolution imagery
  • True video-based and image-based recognition
  • Extremely fast real-time recognition from video
  • Detection of multiple faces in a moving crowd


  • Cloud-based
  • 1:1, 1:n, 1:many (watch list) matching modes
  • Supports a wide range of hardware and operating systems
  • Easy integration into existing video recorder systems
  • Real-time alerting when matches made (i.e. identifying a person of interest in a monitored space)
  • Imagus FRT can be customised to suit specific requirements, call our team to discuss the possibilities.

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