Proximity Location System [Zone-Based RTLS]

What is Proximity Location System or Zone-Based RTLS?

Sometimes it isn’t necessary to track an asset at all times but to understand whether an asset is in a specific location or not. In such a case, instead of using RTLS which tracks assets in real-time throughout a facility, Bluvision recommends Proximity Location System [PLS] or Zone-Based RTLS solution. PLS is a basic version of RTLS and allows users to set real-time alerts when a specific asset (equipment or person) enters or exits a specified area or comes in close proximity to a specified area.

How does it work?

PLS solution is easy and quick to install. There is no wired infrastructure for PLS and unlike RTLS, PLS doesn’t require calibration. The BluFi gateway which is also a Bluetooth reader is placed at the entry of the area that needs to be tracked. When a beacon enters or exits this entryway, the Bluetooth to WiFi gateway relays this information to Bluvision’s cloud – Bluzone. Enterprises can use Bluzone to create user-defined policies to alert the concerned individuals that a specific asset has either entered or left the designated area. Gateways could also be placed in a specific area and policies created to send alerts when an asset comes in close proximity to the gateway. PLS, as the name suggests, checks for the beacon/asset’s proximity to the assigned location.

Why PLS?

PLS is ideal for monitoring gateways and portals, and to indicate when an asset comes in close proximity to a specific area. Business cases that need to closely monitor check-ins/check-outs, cases where it is crucial to ensure a valuable asset doesn’t leave a designated area, and instances, when you need to know if an asset or employee is in a particular area, are best candidates for PLS solution.

PLS is a superior and better alternative to the various RFID technologies available due to its fast, easy and quick implementation. The solution’s minimal infrastructure requirement is a key reason for its low total cost of ownership. Scalability is also an added advantage with PLS, as the combination of BluFi gateways and Bluzone allows for more assets to be tracked by merely adding more beacons to the assets. (One BluFi can read over 2000 beacons.)

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