ISCS Cube Servers

ISCS CUBE ServersIntroducing the ISCS Cube Servers

We have the solutions for small and medium CCTV Surveillance Systems, BMS, Access Control or any application requiring a server. Whatever your need, ISCS can customise a CUBE to you.

Our range of CUBEs includes the Micro CUBE and the Mini CUBE, which are ideal machines for use with Nx Witness VMS.

All ISCS CUBES come ready to be configured with everything you need to start managing your CCTV system.

Our Stock Cubes

ISCS Micro Cube

MINI PC for small recording systems (up to 6 channels)

ISCS Mini Cube

MINI PC for small-medium recording systems (up to 16 channels)

Find out more

Find out more

Create your own Custom CUBE

We’re able to assess and incorporate your requirements into a custom-built ISCS CUBE Server that will enhance your system. Whether those systems be Nx Witness, CCTV Security Surveillance, BMS, Access Control or any application requiring a server..