October 30, 2017

Jeff is an industry veteran, having been an electronic technician at ISCS for over 10 years. Read his thoughts on the industry then, now and how he sees its future.

Q: What is your position at ISCS and how long have you worked with the company?
A: I’ve been an electronic technician for 10 years. I repair, maintain and operate electronic components such as access control and hardware of computer systems. My main tasks are diagnosing and repairing faulty electronic equipment.

Q: What do you enjoy about working in the security industry?
A: Working with latest electronic technologies. These include biometric fingerprint access control and IVS (intelligent video systems) with video analytics. It’s incredible to be able to create automated systems that can automate a house or building to function for itself.

Q: What’s the biggest change you’ve seen during your time in the industry?
A: The industry has become much more heavily IT based. Coming from an electronics background, I’ve seen everything moved to being controlled by PC applications and IT networks.

Q: What’s the most interesting installation you’ve done and why?
A: Working on a client’s refurbishment of an old Sydney building. We used both of our access control and CCTV systems. With a large budget we were able to deliver a system that worked quite well for their needs.

Q: What changes do you see in the future of the industry?
A: More streamline high-level Interface (HLI) that will integrate access control, security and CCTV. It usually means there has been an application specifically written for two products to work autonomously with each other.