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Nx Witness makes it simple to create customer-tailored video solutions.

nx vms logo Nx Witness VMS is a Powered-by-Nx Video Management System developed and targeted at the security surveillance and production monitoring industries. Nx Witness VMS also includes a suite of developer tools that allows system integrators to create customer-tailored IP video management solutions capable of integrating any 3rd party device or system.

Nx Witness – System Components

Nx Cloud VMS

NX Cloud

With Nx Cloud, any Nx Witness System can be accessed, viewed, and managed from anywhere, anytime.

Cloud Connect

  • Connect your system to Nx Cloud in seconds
  • Access your Nx Witness System from anywhere, anytime
  • Fast, responsive streaming and connectivity with Nx Witness’ adaptive scaling technology and transcoding capabilities

Share Access

Quickly share access to any system connected to Nx Cloud with anyone using their email address and custom user roles.

Multi-System Management

  • Simple multi-site or multi-client setup
  • Quickly switch between systems

Nx DesktopNx Desktop

A rich media player, unlike anything you’ve ever seen – with a flexible GRID interface, unmatched speed and responsiveness, and a modern, sleek UX.

A Rich, Cross-Platform Media Player

  • Windows, Mac, or Ubuntu Linux
  • Works on anything with Intel HD Graphics or above
  • View live streams (ONVIF, RTSP, HTTP)
  • Play recorded videos or still images

Get in the Grid

Flexible grid interface combines video, images, Chromium browser, and I/O devices into a single, seamless, endlessly user experience.

One Interface

  • A single application for Nx Witness system viewers and administrators – no admin application necessary.
  • Navigate instantly between the Resource Tree, Viewing Grid, Notifications, Timeline, Settings, Health Monitoring, and more.
  • Keyword Search.

Nx Mobile

Nx Mobile

A mobile application designed to give users quick access to their Nx Witness System while on-the-go.

Nx Mobile Demonstration

View Video from anywhere

Custom Nx Media Player makes playback extremely fast full resolution or transcoded streams.

Key Features

  • Quickly connect to your Nx Witness sites from anywhere – over Wifi or Data (3G/4G/LTE) – using Nx Cloud credentials.
  • View Live or recorded footage.
  • Camera Search.
  • Layouts / Live Thumbnails.
  • Nx Lite Client Remote Control.
  • Zoom / Pan on Live or Recorded footage.
  • PTZ (coming soon).
  • Fisheye Dewarping (coming soon).
  • View System Notifications (coming soon).

Nx Server

Nx Server

A lightweight, powerful media server responsible for discovering, connecting to, and managing Nx Witness system devices and data.

Nx Server

Lightweight & Cross-Platform

  • ~70 Mb download – installs in seconds
  • Windows, Ubuntu Linux, and even ARM devices

Key Features

  • Auto-Discovery of other Nx Witness Servers and compatible devices (e.g. ONVIF IP Cameras, I/O devices, storage, etc).
  • Up to 128 HD streams on a single server.
  • Server-Hive Architecture synchronizes all System data instantly.
  • Automatic Camera Failover.
  • One-Click OTA System Wide Updates.
  • HTTP Server API for sending and receiving data and instructions from 3rd party systems.

Nx Web AdminNx Web Admin

A browser-based interface designed for sharing video, managing servers, and accessing support and developer tools in Nx Witness.

Nx Web Admin

Web Client

View live or recorded video from Nx Witness Systems in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, or Edge browsers.

Administration & Configuration

  • Setup or modify System settings (including merge/unmerge servers from a single System).
  • Restore Server to Factory Defaults (Nx1).
  • Restart Server remotely.

Health Monitoring

  • View storage, CPU, ram, and network usage.
  • View system logs.

For Developers

  • Access the Server API.
  • Download Video Source SDK and Storage SDK.

Nx Lite ClientNx Lite Client

A lite client application designed for embedded ARM devices that allows live viewing of up to 4 low-resolution streams or 1 high definition stream.

System Setup

Set up an Nx1 with a keyboard and mouse.

Live Viewing

View live video (4 x low-resolution or 1 x HD stream).

Remote Control

Control the Nx1 display remotely via Nx Mobile.

Switch to Nx Witness

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Nx Witness & Cubes products

Nx Witness

Nx Witness Nx Witness

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Nx Witness Professional IP Camera Licence

Nx Witness Professional IP Camera Licence

NX Witness Single IP Camera Licence
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SKU: NWOPTIX-Video Wall License
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Nx Witness Video Wall Licence – 2x Monitors and 1x Concurrent User

Nx Witness Video Wall Licence – 2x Monitors and 1x Concurrent User

Network Optix Video Wall Licence 2 Monitors & 1 Concurrent User
SKU: NWOPTIX-Video Wall License
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Cubes Cubes

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Micro Cube – Mini PC for small recording systems (up to 6 channels)

Micro Cube – Mini PC for small recording systems (up to 6 channels)

The Micro Cube comes ready to be configured with up to 6 channels and everything you need to start managing your CCTV system. Up to 6 Channels (limited to 20mbs) Linux Based OS (NX Server Software + Client**) Celeron CPU 8gb DDR4 RAM 1x 2.5HDD (size of your choice) 3D NAND Intel UHD Graphics 2x […]