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Nedap AVI Long Range Vehicle Identification Nedap AVI Nedap is the leading expert in superior long-range identification of vehicles and drivers. We design, develop and sell solutions related to vehicle identification, driver identification, parking access, vehicle detection, vehicle gate management and hands-free building access.


Nedap is the leading expert in driver-based vehicle identification, vehicle detection and vehicle management. We design and market solutions for long-range identification. Nedap does have an outstanding expertise in RFID technology. As one of the pioneers in RFID during decades, we established an impressive track record of vehicle identification installations worldwide and in many different industries. Nedap is the perfect fit for any long-range vehicle access and driver authorisation application. Our global network of subsidiaries, partners and distributors ensure that our clients receive reliable products with the maximum value for their money. Nedap is part of Nedap N.V. a stock-listed company founded in 1929 and based in Groenlo in the Netherlands. Nedap N.V. is the market leader in cutting-edge RFID technology with solutions used in a variety of markets worldwide.


What are TRANSIT readers?

TRANSIT readers represent the latest in technology for fulfilling long range vehicle identification needs. The TRANSIT reader is a long-range RFID reader with a wide variety of interfaces to ensure seamless and flexible integration. The TRANSIT Standard reader consists of a controller with a built-in antenna for quick, easy installation. The TRANSIT Standard reader enables automatic identification of AVI tags from distances up to 10 meters.


Why TRANSIT readers?

Due to the long read range, the reader can be installed out of the reach of vandals. This makes the TRANSIT ideal for use in combination with large gates and large vehicles.  The identification lobe of the reader is a directed beam, offering precise determination of the detection area. The TRANSIT Reader is an ideal augmentation to an existing installation for perimeter security or data collection of vehicle-related activities.

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UHF Readers and Tags

What are UHF readers and tags?
UHF readers and tags offer long-range vehicle identification up to 4 meters [12 ft] using the latest UHF RFID technology. The system is based on a uPASS Reach reader and a UHF tag. The uPASS Reach UHF reader offers a cost-effective and enduring solution for parking access.


Why UHF readers and tags?
The UHF tags are based on battery-free, passive technology. A long-range passive UHF tag visible in direct line of sight of the uPASS Reach will be identified up to 4 meters [12 ft]. Tags are mounted inside the vehicle behind the windshield. The thin, flexible, UHF Windshield Tag format is easy to install and has a windshield compatible adhesive to ensure proper mounting. For added security, tamper-resistant – break upon removal- tags are also available.


UHF Combi cards support UHF and all card technologies used worldwide for access control and time and attendance solutions, such as HID, EM, Mifare and Legic. It offers the best of both and ensures compatibility and seamless integration with existing access control applications.


  • Read range up to 4 meters [12 ft].
  • Superior to all conventional Prox systems.
  • Passive, maintenance-free, transponders.
  • Thin flexible windshield stickers.
  • UHF combi cards for one card solution.
  • Cost-effective solution for car parks, gated communities and employee parking lots.

License Plate Readers (ANPR)

What is ANPR?
Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR or LPR) can be used for automatic vehicle identification and vehicle access control applications. This technology physically consists of a camera with built-in software for OCR (Optical Character Recognition). The big advantage of using ANPR for AVI applications is that it makes use of something that almost every car already has: a license plate.


ANPR is very suitable for situations where it is unachievable or undesirable to issue and administer RFID tags, in applications such as:


  • Vehicle identification for parking management.
  • Vehicle access control applications with a one-off or short-term authorisations.
  • Vehicle management applications dealing with rapidly changing car populations.
  • If specific RFID bandwidths cannot be used because of interference or regulations.

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