The i-Pass system has been designed to provide powerful yet cost-effective access control for a variety of applications. Designed and manufactured in Australia, i-Pass offers performance in a small, simple to install package.


The i-Pass system comprises of the i-Pass controller built with state of the art technology to provide reader access for up to 16 doors and 32 elevator levels with pre-configured intercom override and built-in support for most reader technologies such as Proximity, Magnetic Stripe, Keypad, Biometric Contactless Smartcard technology and Long Range i-Key RF.


System setup and programming can be carried out with the on board LCD Screen and keyboard, or via the optional i-Pass XS Software package for Windows compatible systems. Remote i-Pass controllers can even link back to the i-Pass XS Software package by dial-up modem or an optional TCP/IP interface unit.
The i-Pass architecture allows the installer to easily expand the system by simply adding cost-effective i-Pass Smart Modules for additional readers, inputs and outputs and lift modules.


Easy Installation

The i-Pass system is very simple to install and setup, many common settings have already been predefined so the installer only needs to add and change a small amount of information to make the system operational.


Using the Keypad and LCD screen is by far the simplest way to setup your i-Pass system, with simple to follow menus that are as easy to follow as a mobile phone menu.


This makes the system ideal to commission on site without the need for a laptop or PC. The system can just as easily be setup and controlled by the i-Pass Technician Software or via the i-Pass XS Software.

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