SPC will change the way your business operates forever.


SPC is a series of products and solutions that are a true representation of hybrid access control and intrusion detection systems. Cost-effective design and installation concept with unmatched flexibility and scalability with up to 512 zones.


Engineered for expansion

The SPC access control and intrusion detection system can be architectured from a mix of components, and connect detectors and peripherals either wired or wirelessly to allow the system to be expanded as required.


Quick and easy commissioning

Using the powerful suite of configuration tools paired with high-speed/high-length expander bus with loop topology for high fault tolerance, commissioning the system is quite and easy.


Intuitive design

Using a common ‘look & feel’ across the hardware, configuration software and operational devices, helps facilitate installation, set up and make operation very intuitive for the integrator.


SPC offers advanced functionality for applications of all sizes and criticality, with ample room for expansions or upgrades.

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SPC by Vanderbilt Products

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