SPC E120 Indication Expander

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Product Description

The SPCE120.100 is a universal display expander with 16 tri-colour LEDs, 4 keys, an integrated card reader and a buzzer. In linked mode with a keypad, the LEDs indicate the status of 4 areas in one glance and the areas can be directly set or unset with the assigned function keys. In flexible mode, the freely programmable user interface indicates the configured status information with LEDs (e.g. open zones, area setting states) and enables activation of application-specific processes by pressing the assigned function keys (e.g. setting of an area, open or close a gate). With the integrated card reader the indication or operation can be enabled for authorised users only by presenting a valid proximity card. The expander also provides one freely programmable zone which can be configured for different zone monitoring requirements.

Technical Specifications

  • Operating current: Max. 70 mA at 12 VDC (LEDs operated)
  • LED Indicators: 16 tri-colour LEDs
  • Number of on-board zones: 1
  • Quiescent current: Max. 30 mA at 12 VDC
  • Approval: EN50131-1 / EN50131-3, Grade 3, Class II UK: PD6662:2010 BE: INCERT SE: SFF1014, Larmklass 2 DE: VdS-C
  • Housing: Plastic housing (Polycarbonate)
  • Tamper contact: Front / back tamper
  • EOL resistor: Dual 4k7 (default), other resistor combinations configurable
  • Colour: RAL 9003 (signal white)
  • Mounting: Flat surface, wall-mounted
  • Operating voltage: 9.5 ~ 14 VDC
  • Interfaces: X-BUS (in, out)
  • Operating temperature: -10 ~ +50 °C
  • Weight: 0.190 kg

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