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RF IDeas – Single Badge Solutions for Identification and Access

RF IDeas desktop proximity and contactless reader solutions, Wiegand converters, and software bundles are capable of reading and expanding the functionality of nearly any existing contactless or proximity card or proximity badge used in facility access control.
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About RF IDeas Proximity Readers

The family of pcProx proximity card readers eliminates the need for manual entry providing error-free identification. pcProx is compatible with over 300 million physical access proximity cards.

RF IDeas designs develop and manufacture proximity and contactless reader solutions that expand building access cards to hundreds of applications.

The applications include employee identification, LAN access solutions, time/attendance, and enrollment – all using your existing building access proximity or contactless smart cards.

Introducing WaveID by RF IDeas

waveidThe PC-Prox-USB reader eliminates the need for manual entry of proximity card numbers into almost any system.  The USB version emulates a keyboard and will keystroke the card number onto the computer screen wherever the cursor is located.

Ideal for PC/LAN logon, single sign-on, photocopiers, card enrollment, visitor management, vending, point of sale, time/attendance, user authorization, seminar, fitness or training attendance.

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