Senturian Neurolytics

Senturian Neurolytics is an intelligent video analytics solution based on Artificial Intelligence (Deep Learning) that works with existing security cameras with integration into Nx Witness Video Management System.

Violence Detection

Using behavior pattern modeling and deep learning algorithm, violence detection can identify fighting and other violent behavior.

Smoke or Fire Detection

Detects flames and smoke using deep learning that identifies colour, characteristic, spread and movement pattern analysis of smoke and fire.

Fall Down Detection

Detect a fall or collapse of a worker, resident or person using model behavior patterns and deep learning algorithm.

Sound Analysis Detection

Collect and transmit detected information and sounds including screaming, glass breaking, honking, sudden stops and explosions.

Additional Functions

Senturian Neurolytics comes with these 5 analytic core functions embedded.

  • Loitering Detection.
  • Region of Interest.
  • Theft Detection.
  • Line Crossing.
  • Dumping Detection.

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